Quotes and Pricing for Commercial Drones

Quote Process

Our prices and quotes are supplied with the assumption we will need to file for an FAA waiver to get the job done. Please be aware this can take as long as 90 days to obtain so once you have all your project details at hand then please get in touch.
All our pilots are insured, if you have specific requirements for insurance then please let us know as soon as you can with those details so we can add that cost to the quote.

Information Gathering

Once we have received your quote we will allocate the best drone and pilot for the job to your account. If you have a specific request for a drone type or there is a need for certain image sensors, let us know and we can work out the best fit for you.
Maps are always helpful, please supply the exact location of where we will need to fly, remember we also have a height limit of 400ft above ground level, plus any building we have to clear.


From $199
  • Marine / Boat Mast Inspection
  • Real Estate Marketing Video
  • Roof Inspection

Search & Rescue

From $199
  • Fire & Police Assistance
  • Media & News
  • FEMA / Disaster Land Surveys

Drone Surveys

From $249
  • Construction & Building Sites
  • Communication Tower Survey
  • Commercial Buildings

Quote Form

Enter as much detail as you can about the job required, include map links, addresses, description of buildings and locations. Pre-Flight Site Surveys maybe needed before we conduct flight operations and FAA approval will take around 90- days to obtain if needed.

If a NFZ (No Fly Zone) is in effect we may not be able to complete the work until that has expired, in some instances we can obtain a waiver to fly, however that's not guaranteed.

All work is carried out with accordance set out by the FAA.

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