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We provide high quality and affordable sUAS drone photography and video service packages that are tailored to your specific industry needs. Tell us where and when you would like aerial photography, cinematography, 3D mapping, or data collection, and Gotham Drone Pilots will take care of planning and deliver your project on time.

Our in-house developed proprietary drone shot lists have been crafted over thousands of drone flights to make each project a success.

Aerial surveying and mapping with drone images and photogrammetry which we can deliver multi dimensional mapping tools for your industry. Perfect for the construction, land surveys and planning & design.

Drone Pilots for Hire | New York | Long Island | New Jersey

Radio Tower Inspection

Radio and cell masts need regular inspections to keep them functioning and to prevent grip malfunctions.

rescue operations assistance

We can assist public service searches as well as any rescue operations that require aerial assistance in the event of a disaster.

real estate video

Residential and commercial real estate videos can showcase a listing or property to the max, speak with us about how we can help.

commercial inspections

Our flight plans include thorough roof & equipment inspections, landscape, parking lot & common area maintenance, investor & regulatory reviews, natural disaster outcome, marketing & sales, and many more commercial applications.

boat masts and marine ports

All sail boats require their masts to be checked against damage from the seas, using video and high details aerial photography, our sUAS drones can provide easy access to possible issues previously not found or hidden from their owners.

Construction Surveys

Map, survey, inspect, track and manage your work-site projects. Construction site drone photography and aerial 3D mapping data is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual and superior progress report to stakeholders.
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sUAS FAA 107 Drone Pilots for Hire

We offer commercial drone images, 3D drone mapping and motion video for all commercial needs such as radio mast inspections, marina and boat maintenance, building site surveys, post disaster recovery missions and much more.

Using drones from the large to the small we have a solution to fit your requirements. Contact us to get a no obligation quote today and let’s see how our FAA approved professional drone pilots can help your business.

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Building Site Survey Drone Operator

Gotham Drone Pilots | Drone Surveying | Photogrammetric Mapping | 3D Maps

Commercial Drone Pilots in New York

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